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In December of 2013 Kibera Pride hosted a Peace Workshop conducted by Christiane Seehausen of the Nansen Fredssenter of Norway. We had 20 participants including Solomon Muyundo (AKA Solo 7), Irene Kasandi and myself, Daniel Brevick. The workshop was training for and certification in, the Nansen Fredssenter's Conflict Resolution Through Dialog process. A method practiced by the Nansen Centre for more than two decades now.
Christiane Seehausen met Irene for the first time during the December workshop. "Irene is one of these women that I would like to make an impact on, in the way that I can do it." Christiane invited Irene to continue her training in a workshop held in Norway. "Being the first trip outside the country I was excited and at the same time nervous, seeking guidance from many people. Lucky I have several friends who travel experience, and they prepared me with what I needed to know" said Irene.
The new training (Dialogue and Conflict Transformation in Multi- Cultural Communities) took place in Lillehammer Norway in October of 2015. It was a dream comes true, said Ireen. "Reaching Oslo I was greeted by Christiane and everything was ready for me. Everything was so fantastic, a whole new world."
Diversity is a gift, but it can also create points of tension and conflict. This workshop prepares participants to understand, analyze and resolve such issues through dialogue. It helps participants to become active listeners who see opportunities to bridge divides. The workshop teaches how to use dialogue to transform difficult conversations to resolve conflicts or in preventing its escalation. It was ideal for Irene as it also assists those who play a role in the humanitarian aid sector.
"What's special about Irene is that she is very bright, smart and one of these personalities that learns so easily - like a sponge, so I wanted to sponsor her for additional training," said Christiane.
"I am so grateful to the Nansen Center for this important training and for the great opportunity they gave Kibera Pride. I especially want to thank Christiane who took most of her time after the training to introduce me to various groups in Norway and even assisted with the sale of the bracelets made by our kids to support our operations at Kibera Pride."
Attendees came together from around the world – Ukraine, Kenya, Afghanistan, Serbia and from different parts of Norway.


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Kibera Pride is a non-profit, registered NGO with a mandate to provide foster/home care for the most vulnerable children of Kibera and to provide and facilitate social services and community development within the region. Our organization is located in the Kibera SLUM on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya. The organization's services are open to all, regardless of gender, religion, tribe or race as long as they are among the most vulnerable in the society. Kibera Pride is focusing on providing education, food, shelter, clothing and other personal needs to the less privileged children.